Peaseblossom Tee

For my birthday my lovely family bought me a three month subscription to Dream Wardrobe, which is provided by the fabulous Josie of Fabric Godmother. I was excited to try this out because I love Indie patterns and her fabrics are so lovely.

I was also really keen to mix it up a little and try some fabric and pattern combinations that I wouldn’t necessarily think to choose for myself.

My first delivery was the Peaseblossom T Shirt by Sew Me Something. It’s not a pattern company I’ve used before and I’d not seen many versions of the Peaseblossom made by other bloggers, but the fabric I got sent to make it in was absolutely gorgeous. After a suitably long time spent stroking the fabric, I traced the pattern pieces and sewed it up the weekend it arrived.

It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, and a quick sew. There are three versions you can make, but I opted for the cowl neck as the other options had neckbands that required you to stretch to fit, and I didn’t think that would work too well with my woven fabric. The cowl neck version had the advantage of making the most of my fabric’s lovely drape too.


The fabric is Cassie Spot Satin, which I think is John Kaldor, but I could be wrong. It’s much finer than any satin I’ve used before, and as I said, had a lovely drape to it. The colour is really vibrant too and seems to take a fairly casual pattern and make it into something special.

I was a little worried about the cowl neck exposing rather a lot when bending and leaning over, but I think it’s actually pretty good. I tried to take a photo leaning over to test this out, but it didn’t come out well. I couldn’t really see too much though, if you know what I mean..


Now onto the fit. The pattern is drafted with A LOT of ease. I know it’s designed to be all casual and slouchy, but it’s a bit much for me really. I cut a size 12, which should have been too small over my bust and at my waist, but as you can see there’s still plenty of room. I definitely think I could go at least one size smaller, maybe more at the waist and hips.

I have quite a few t-shirt patterns of various styles, and although this one is a bit different because of the cowl neck, I’m not sure how many more I’ll make because I don’t really think it’s that flattering on me. I like this one; but I think that’s mostly because I love the fabric so much.


2 thoughts on “Peaseblossom Tee

  1. On the contrary, I think it’s a flattering shape on most figures, yours included! I hope so, anyway – I’m making a very similar top for myself at the moment.


    1. I think it would be flattering, had I sized down a bit more – I just feel like there’s so much extra room in it I look like I’m wearing a fancy sack. Probably just my own hang-ups, but I feel like I need my waist to be quite defined in pretty much everything I wear, otherwise I look much, much heavier than I am.


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