A Waste of Good Fabric


Have you ever made a garment that in your head was perfect and exactly what you envisioned – but the finished item was endless disappointment?

For me that was my experience with McCalls M7119. I wanted a wrap dress. I dreamed of a high-low hem to show off my favourite feature, and this dress has a pretty dramatic high-low hem. The pattern envelope picture looked really nice and flattering (I don’t usually find them all that inspiring) so I thought, this could be the perfect pattern for me.

In the picture above, it actually doesn’t look too bad. Despite it really not going with my slippers.

But then, nothing goes well with granny slippers really.

I’m not going to spend ages reviewing the pattern instructions or how easy it was/wasn’t to put together. Mostly because I made it back in September, intending to wear it to a friend’s wedding (I didn’t in the end). I will share the dress I did end up wearing at some point, but I’m not making any promises about how soon as it needs a little repair before I can model it.

Back to the wrap dress. I just took some quick snaps of this really as I wanted to show it, even though it’s unlikely to see the light of day.

The fabric I used is a little too thin and open-weave for anything other than a beach cover-up, which is the first problem.

The fit on the bodice is horrible, see below picture:


I did a full bust adjustment as I always do, but don’t think that’s the issue here. The fit over and around the bust is pretty good, but there’s an unexplained extra several inches below the armpit which eradicates the need to carry a bag I guess.

There’s also the obvious problem that I should have realised before I even started sewing. It shows my bra straps. Like most people (I imagine) who do FBA’s to their sewing, going braless – or even strapless- is not really an option. Now that I’m looking at the pictures, I am finding myself remembering how much I liked the fabric, so I’m wondering if/how hard it would be to add sleeves – I may take a look at the pattern and give it a try as it could make a lovely holiday dress.

Then there would just be the issue of the armpit excess baggage to sort. Anyone come across a problem like this before? Can I just take in the side seam, or will that affect the fit over the bust too?



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