One Week, One Pattern roundup (v. late)

Last year I discovered One Week One Pattern, which is a group sewing challenge over on Instagram.

The host; Cinderellis Sews said this about it:

“OWOP is about celebrating our Tried ‘n’ True patterns, the ones we’ve made lots of times in different variations, until we could practically make them in our sleep, tweaking the fit until it’s just right. It’s a good chance to think about your own style and what you like to wear!”

There’s nothing I find quite so motivating as a bit of competitive sewing, so I decided to play along with the challenge. The idea is basically that you wear (and post a photo of) variations on a chosen pattern every day for a week. You have to declare in advance what pattern you are going to use, and I chose the Deer & Doe Plantain Tee, as I already had made a t-shirt version and a dress using the pattern.

I made a couple more for the challenge, so I wouldn’t have to repeat my outfit too many times, though there is a t-shirt I wore twice – mostly because the weather was really variable and there were more hot days than i’d anticipated.

Day One


Day one was my first Plantain Tee hack, made during Indie Pattern Month. It’s a great dress and very comfy to wear.

Day Two


Casual Tee dress for a sunny day. Note the stripe matching on that side seam, I’m quite proud of myself. Also rocking my Colette Patterns No Regrets pin with this dress.

Day Three


It was quite late before I realised I’d forgotten to do my photo for day three. Hence it’s a bit rubbish as it was too dark to go outside. This T-shirt was made using scraps from yesterday’s dress. I had to be pretty inventive with my pattern cutting layouts to scrape together enough fabric for this.

Day Four


Another sunny day and this was my first ever Plantain Tee. Fit isn’t great on this one, but I do love the lace applique back. White and Black stripes here instead of the B&W of the previous ones! I like stripes!

Day Five


Repeat of day 3’s T-shirt. This time with shorts. And a messy pile of me-mades next to me on the bed for some reason.

Day Six


A looser, more relaxed fit on the Plantain dress, and a shorter length. This cheetah print had been in my stash for aaagggees! This is one of my favourite ever makes and it gets worn all the damn time. 

Day Seven


Something a bit different for the final day, I mixed it up and used a shortened version of the Plantain to make a dress bodice, which I combined with a circle skirt for ultimate swish factor. There will be a more detailed post about this dress to come.

Overall I really enjoyed taking part in OWOP and would like to do so again if they run it this year, probably with a different pattern, as I’d want to make some more garments for the challenge and it’s always good to have more variety in your wardrobe.

The Plantain pattern is one of my favourites, and I really like making dresses from it. I have a few more planned and I’m hoping to make at least one long sleeved version. I will be blogging the few shown above that I’ve not yet blogged about too.


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