A Holly/Flora mashup

Last September a friend of mine got married, and I ended up making 3 or 4 dresses in the space of about two weeks. It was a crazy whirlwind of sewing. I posted the dress I made for my friend’s honeymoon around the time, and a while back I posted the ‘muslin’ I made for the dress I was planning to wear.

I always feel like when I’m going to a wedding I need to pull out all the sewing stops, and do something new and impressive. Which is totally the wrong thing to do I suppose, because I’d be much better off creating well-fitting tried and true garments which I know will look amazing on me, but apparently my brain doesn’t respond well to logic.

So, having entirely ruled out the previous dress due to it’s (approx) 100,000 fit issues and design flaws, I returned to the drawing board and decided to hack a dress using a mash up of BHL patterns. Determined to rock a high-low hem, I chose the skirt from the Flora dress and combined it with the pretty and delicate strappy version of the Holly bodice.

Here’s a pic of it almost finished…


During the cutting stage I had to give some careful consideration to the placement of the pattern, particularly on the bodice. I wanted to feature some of the print, but was keen to avoid any boob flowers. I think I managed okay with this, although my options were quite limited.

I won’t comment on the pattern instructions as I wasn’t particularly following them due to the mash-up element of the dress. However, despite the fact I was in serious ‘making-it-up-as-i-go-along’ mode, and I was trying things I’ve not done before (I’m looking at you, super thin spaghetti straps!), it came together relatively quickly. Which is good, as a Plan B I did not have…

Honestly? I burst some of the waist line seam through a combination of tugging the skirt down too much during the day, and dancing like a loon too much in the evening, but I’m still pretty proud of this dress. I think it’s beautiful. It deserves some better photos, but since I don’t seem to be finding the motivation to fix the waistline seam anytime soon (and the weather is too cold for it right now anyway!), it will have to wait. So sorry, dress, for not doing you proper justice.



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