Grainline Scout Tee

Unbelievably, I’ve never made a Grainline Scout Tee before. Or, as far as I can recall, anything by Grainline Studios.



There’s not that much I can really say about the construction of a garment that only has four pattern pieces – so I won’t dwell on that too much…

Finish wise, I chose to do french seams. I find a nice, neat french seam really satisfying. Jen from Grainline has a blog post titled French all your seams which shows you how to do french seams on armholes. It seems this is apparently not considered ‘correct’ practice by some, so of course I was all for it. It’s a teeny bit fiddly, especially as I don’t have a tailors ham, but otherwise just as straightforward as any other french seam.


Fit wise; I cut a straight size 10, but feel it’s got a little too much room in the shoulders, and at the waist. So basically I need to cut a smaller size and do a full bust adjustment, but the options for those are limited on a dartless bodice and usually result in adding a dart. Which changes the look and feel of the top entirely. I have found an option I think I will try next time which doesn’t add a dart, but to be honest I can’t get my head around how it works. Pattern alterations are things I wish I understood a lot more – especially since I seem to do them so often. It would be nice to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, rather than just blindly following a tutorial. I’d like to do a course on pattern making and fitting at some point.




The other change I will make for my next Scout tee is to lengthen it slightly. Unusually for me, I looked at the pattern pieces and thought they looked about right, so I didn’t lengthen by my standard two inches that I normally stick onto everything.

I don’t think it will need that much, maybe just an inch, but a teeny bit extra length would make me feel more comfortable. It doesn’t look all that short in the pictures, I know, but when you bear in mind that the jeans I’m wearing are high waisted…


And a final note in case you’re wondering about the beautiful views behind me in these pictures: I took them on a road trip across the Snake Pass in the Peak District. My parents are lucky enough to live near this part of the country.


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