It’s time to get back on track..

My sew-jo has deserted me somewhat. You may have noticed that my blogging has been AWOL lately, and attempts to improve have utterly failed.

However, I’ve now finally moved house and am unpacking my fabrics and sewing gear and have a little (I mean, tiny amount) time to invest in my leisure pursuits.

With that in mind, and in line with the Monthly Stitch challenge for April, I’m giving you the opportunity to help me choose what to sew in April. I have a friend’s wedding to attend at the end of April and I’d really like to make something to wear to it, so I’ve selected a few patterns from my ‘sewing queue’ that could be wedding appropriate.

Voting will be open until Thursday 29th March, and then I’ll put up a post to choose fabric (from my stash, hopefully!) for the design chosen.

So, what are the options?



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